Vacancy Advertising Policy for Employers and Recruitment Agencies

To obtain this policy in an alternative format, e.g. in large print, on audio tape, in Braille or on different coloured paper, please contact a member of the Careers and Employability team.

Careers and Employability aim to process vacancy advertisements within five working days, they will then be visible on CareerHub for University of Chester students/graduates to view.

We reserve the right to edit any vacancy to ensure that it is clear and concise, as well as the right not to advertise opportunities which we believe aren’t in the best interest of our students/ graduates.

Not all eventualities can be covered within this policy and therefore each vacancy received will be assessed on an individual basis.

General Requirements forAdvertising Vacancies

When using our vacancy advertising service, we will require you to have registered an account on CareerHub before you’re able to upload your vacancy.

We also require you to provide us with complete and accurate information about the vacancy which will include:

  • A brief description of your organisation, including a postal address, landline telephone number, web and email address
  • NB: contact details are important as they enable applicants to get in touch in order to obtain further details about the vacancy if required
  • The job title - please ensure the job title is relevant to the role and try to avoid the use of jargon/’tech speak’ where possible
  • The number of vacancies that are available
  • The salary per annum/wage per hour - we would encourage you not to use the term ‘competitive’ as this can cause fewer students/graduates to apply. Instead, consider including a salary scale, i.e. £20,000-£25,000 or an hourly rate
  • NB: ‘TBC’ or ‘N/A’ will not be accepted
  • The contract type - i.e. permanent, temporary, fixed term, freelance or self-employed
  • The hours of work required - i.e. full time, part-time or casual
  • NB: we will not advertise part-time work which exceeds 20 hours per week during term time
  • The location of the job
  • A brief summary about the role which will display in any search results
  • A detailed job description and person specification
  • Any specific qualifications required, if appropriate
  • Method of application - details of how you would like interested students/graduates to apply, i.e. CV and covering letter/application form/other? An application form can be uploaded to CareerHub if this is your preferred application method)
  • Dates:
  • othe date you wish the vacancy to be published from and until (this information will be requested on step 5 of 5)
  • NB: we usually recommend advertising a vacancy for a minimum of two weeks
  • othe closing date for applications
  • othe start date for the role
  • Any other relevant information, i.e. flexible working practices, diversity and equality policies and staff networks in place etc.

NB: please ensure when advertising your vacancies, and when conducting your recruitment and selection process, that you comply with all applicable employment, data protection and equal opportunities legislation.

To encourage trust in your available vacancies from our students/graduates, we would advise all employers to register their company with the free, police commissioned, service ‘SaferJobs’ and to state your membership on each vacancy posted.

We will not advertise vacancies that to our knowledge:

  • Discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, disability, religion, gender re-assignment, marital status or civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity or sexual orientation
  • Do not comply with employment legislation for UK vacancies including National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage
  • Are commission-only vacancies which are not guaranteed to meet the minimum wage
  • Require the applicant to disclose their bank or building society details before being appointed or make any form of upfront financial investment
  • Are submitted by private individuals and involve working in a private household
  • Are connected to ‘pyramid’ style selling schemes
  • Are connected to the sex/adult industry
  • Have company information which is incomplete, such as a missing postal address, nature of company, contact details etc.
  • Involve students/graduates undertaking academic work for other students
  • Have a misleading and/or incomplete job description/person specification
  • Represent an undue health and/or safety risk.

Internships, Work Experience and Placements

Paid Internships and Placements

  • We will advertise paid internships and paid placements.

Sandwich Placements

  • The University of Chester currently only supports paid, year-long sandwich placements for students who are part of the Faculty of Business and Management which includes courses in Marketing, Finance, Events, Tourism, Business Management and Business Studies. We advertise sandwich placements for students who take a year in industry as part of their degree and for those who suspend their studies in order to do so.
  • When sandwich placements which are suitable for these students are added to CareerHub, we will notify the placement team within the University who will promote these opportunities further to relevant students. Alternatively, to contact the placement team directly, please email Chester Business School at the following email address

Unpaid Opportunities

We will not advertise unpaid opportunities unless they are part of a work experience requirement for one of our academic programmes and they are encouraged by the Faculty. All opportunities of this type will be considered at our discretion.

Unpaid, short-term placements (5-week placements for 2nd year students in April/May as part of their degree programme), can be discussed with our Work Based Learning team -

Recruitment Agencies

Careers and Employability will advertise vacancies on behalf of recruitment agencies providing that the name of the employing organisation is disclosed, in confidence, to us.

Voluntary Opportunities

Voluntary opportunities in the UK are advertised by the Volunteering and Mentoring team within Student Services.

For further details please email - or call 01244 511550.

Overseas Opportunities

Teaching Abroad

Please note that due to the sheer volume of overseas opportunities that we receive, we are unable to advertise Teach Abroad opportunities on CareerHub. Students are directed, instead, to the resources available on the Prospects website.

We are able to advertise Language Assistant vacancies that are part of a university approved year abroad or recognised graduate scheme.

Overseas Volunteering

We are unable to advertise overseas voluntary opportunities. We do however have the following links on our website which students/graduates are referred to:

NB: Careers and Employability do not officially recommend or endorse any of the organisations listed on these websites.

Overseas voluntary organisations who contact Careers and Employability to request a stand on campus will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and a response will be provided after the organisation has been fully researched. Careers and Employability can also, at our discretion, invite such organisations onto campus to participate in talks or careers fairs.

Other Overseas Opportunities

We are able to advertise full time graduate jobs that are overseas, however other opportunities may be advertised at the discretion of Careers and Employability.

Other Relevant Websites


Should you have any comments, questions or feedback about the vacancy advertising service provided by Careers and Employability, please email or call 01244 513066.

Last updated: September 2021

Y: Careers and Employability Vacancy Advertising Policy/29 September 2021